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3rd Annual meet – April 2017
3rd Annual Meet - Coimbatore


Magi Ramalingam

In the era of modern science, there are many astonishing scientific inventions, useful instruments, automobiles, flying machines (avion), scorching rockets, atomic power capable of destroying human race and so on. These are really mind blowing, there’s no doubt in it. We find pleasure using these things. It’s true that we attain mental and physical contentedness due to their usage. But, if we pierce them, insert them, implant them inside our bodies and suture it and think this too as scientific, it is anguishing.

If at all it is scientific, then would it be possible to extend the life of a dead person at least by one week? It’s impossible because in our body, no instrument can function in accordance with our mind. In our body, we calculate the function of our organs per minute, but actually their function based on human emotions. It’s function is ever changing, it increases, decreases, stops, slows down, speedens as per our inner feelings.

It would be apt if we take the function of heart as an example. As per our emotions and feelings, we might have noticed that our heart could beat 30 to 250 times. That is, while you sleep and as soon as you wake up, we can check the pulse for 15 seconds, every 10 minutes and note the changes in its function. Similarly, in the afternoon and in the evening, when we are happy and when we are angry, we may check our pulse for 15 seconds. Its rate might have increased 2 or 3 times more. In the same way, when our body is trying to balance itself, i.e., during physical illness such as fever, pain and during injury etc, if we check our pulse, it would have increased 3 to 4 times.

The medical field is aware of the fact that when children get fever, their pulse rate may be 150 to 250 per minute.
 The medical practitioners use instruments to measure pulse rate, to measure B.P propagate that these instruments are very scientific. It is ironical because it shows that they are unaware of the basic facts behind this. We might think that – these instrument show us the report of exact numerical value of our body condition and this science is very useful to us. But, what are we going to do with these numerical values? When we try to balance our body’s numerical values with a person who is in normal state of mind and different state of body and thereby we interfere in the work of our vital energy. „what’s going to happen due to that?’
Let’s take an example of a person who has not slept for the past 4 days. As a result of that- he might have had improper digestion, improper assimilation, improper elimination and thereby accumulation of toxic substances in the body. When these toxins get accumulated in the body, the body becomes diseased. So, inorder to eliminate the toxins, rapid subatomic spinning takes place, which produces heat. That is why, the body temperature of those who have inadequate sleep, increases. Unaware of this, to decrease the heat, that is fever, if drugs (medicines) are consumed, it disrupts our body’s mechanism and diminishes the strength and causes harm.There is no substance that can be used as drug to increase our body’s vital energy except food. When drugs are consumed, it cannot boost our vital energy but only destroys our vital energy. This is why, there are drugs to control high blood pressure, but no drug to increase the low blood pressure. The drugs are capable of altering/disrupting, the vital energy’s functions. As per the priority, the vital energy carries on the functions like breathing, functioning of heart, the action of involuntary muscles, which do not cause any damage to the vital energy. But when we use drugs as per our assumption and wish, we cause damage to the vital energy. For instance, to boost our digestion, when we consume digestive tonics, due to that, the digestive juices which have to be secreted naturally, are forcefully and abruptly secreted, thereby, it creates laziness or sleepiness in the whole body. It indicates that the liver is getting weak. The tonic comprises of alcohol which stimulates the organs to secrete digestive juices abruptly and forces the stomach for rapid fermentation, due to which the whole body’s function gets imbalanced. Imbalanced body is an unhealthy body. Our body functions as per homeostatics. That is the vital energy always maintains stable condition within the body despite external changes. This is possible by the autonomic body function. When digestion tonics are consumed, we can feel the damage caused to this vital force. When, a simple digestive tonic can cause so much harm, then imagine the condition of taking drugs!
Now let’s see, what happens whenever we use drugs to relieve our pain. Whenever we get headache, we immediately consume a drug. We do not feel headache after that. Is it good? We may think that if we do not feel the sense of pain, it’s good. But, how has the pain gone and where has it disappeared? If we realize this, we will never consume any poisonous chemical in the form of drug or apply pain balms on our skin for relief. Why is a pain felt? For this, today’s medical specialists have researched and found that the unwanted toxic substances that can endanger our lives are hidden in our tissues, our body and our vital force strive hard to eliminate it. So, the process of eliminating them is felt as pain by us. Why do we have to feel it as pain?
When the morbid substance is produced due to routine process, it is easily excreted from the body in the form of urine, stool, sweat, phlegm and tears by our vital force. But the morbid substances that cannot be eliminated by conversion into simple substances, become rigid over a period of time and gets deposited in our tissues. Due to normal functioning in that part, when these morbid substances are tried to be expelled, it causes a mild pain in those parts. If we understand that it is the essential procedure of our body, soul and sense, we would cooperate with it by not performing any other work both physically and mentally and taking complete rest. When we do so, even that mild pain gets converted into a pleasant pain. Instead of it, when for this mild pain, we intake chemical substances (medicines) along with food, our vital force is unable to eliminate these waste substances, it goes to a confused mode and becomes weakened. So along with the already present waste substances, further, medicines and chemicals get accumulated. After that, inorder to regain its strength, the life force may take around 2-3 weeks, or 2-3 months, or for some it may take 6 months time, which depends on one’s body condition and capability of the life force. After the vital force regains its strength, again when it tries to expel the morbid substances, once again we feel the pain or else we might get fever, vomit, diarrhea etc. When we get fever, it becomes easy for our body to eliminate the morbid substances from our tissue by increasing our body temperature. We do not understand this concept, and start taking drugs to control vomit, diarrhea, and fever thereby our vital force again goes to a confused mode. Every time when we take drugs for fever, vomit or diarrhea, more and more wastes, various toxins get accumulated in our body. Then we get high fever, pain and agony than before and it gets converted into chronic disease. When our life force is unable to eliminate these morbid matters, poisonous substances and struggles hard, then all the glands start secreting hormones as per the situation. We call it by different names like pituitary, adrenal disorders, thyroid, arthritis, nephritis, appendicitis etc. Similarly the fevers are named accordingly.


Magi Ramalingam
Nature cure’s philosophy is that assimilation and elimination does not take place simultaneously. While eliminating of morbid substances, one does not feel hunger, he feels tiredness. As per the toxin content of the morbid substance and as per the power of the vital force, one may feel pain and agony intensively or mildly. So, during pain, agony, one should not intake food till he feels hungry, and should take complete rest. This makes recovery easy and simple. Major content of our body is water. Today’s scientists have found that all other elements are made up of combination of water. Water has the property of being clear or concentrated. Based on this, it has the capacity of affecting our mind, our actions, our feelings, which has been proved by modern scientists. Our ancestors believed that water and moon are closely connected, moon and mind are directly connected. That is during full moon (pournami) and no moon (amavasai) days, they led us towards spiritual thoughts and did not get involved in hard physical and mental works during this time as our mind undergoes certain changes. In Srilanka, these days are observed as national holidays. We might have observed that during full moon day, the largest water body- the ocean, produces unusually spring high tides, similarly when the distance between moon and Earth is maximum i.e., during the no moon day, the sea recedes. As moon comes closer to Earth, its gravitational pull increases and it causes tidal bulge. Similar occurrences happen in every living organisms because the organs of living organisms are mainly made of water. Likewise, our body too acts as per the gravity of moon. Our blood which is fluid, expands and contracts similarly. The blood thickens and thins as per that and blood flow increases or decreases too. When blood thickens, its transportation capacity also differs.
When the concentration of the blood is less, it naturally attracts and carries lot of substances with it. During that time, growth and repair happens rapidly. That is, it is more suitable for becoming healthy. Contradictory to this, highly concentrated blood may have difficulty in carrying energy providing substances and the collection of the waste substances accumulated in cells. We must understand that when blood is already thick, it is difficult to carry other substances (nutrients, wastes etc) along with it. So, during no moon day, we should not consume food that is hard to digest. That’s why, our ancestors observed fasting during no moon day. During those days, the changes in the fluid constituent of our body, increases body heat. As a result of this, mental distractions are causes and one gets attracted to sexual desires. That’s why during no moon day
and full moon day, for body and mental fitness, our ancestors engaged themselves in spiritual thoughts. They created certain rituals etc so that people’s minds are diverted to holy thoughts. Our health, fitness and strength depends on the energy derived from the food after it reaches the cells of our body. This function depends upon the body fluid i.e., blood which transports nutrients and carries away morbid substances. We should understand that it does not depend upon the nutrient food alone which we consume. Blood’s flow changes as per its surface tension.

This is a Buddhist belief too. That is we know that there is difference between the flow of mercury/oil and water flow. Mercury/oil does not fully allow anything to get dissolved in it. But water’s property is different from this. Similarly, blood thickens or thins according to the surface tension. When our mind is free, happy, normal (relaxed), has acceptance (without- stubbornness, anger, worry, fear, grief, proudness), certainly the surface tension of the fluid (blood) is less. Its efficiency of transportation is high. After digestion in the stomach, the nutrients that we get, is transported by the blood efficiently to all the parts of the body and the morbid substances that are present in various organs is carried by blood to the waste eliminating organs like lungs, skin, kidney and thereby helps the morbid substances to get eliminated with ease. As a result our body, mind and life get enriched. When we are tensed and get negative emotions, the flow of the blood and its transporting capability is decreased. That is when we get anger, fear, grief, proud or worry, the surface tension of our body increases and does not allow nutrients to get mixed with it or carry morbid substances for elimination. These tasks are temporarily stopped. When these feelings become our habits, i.e., getting angry, worried, then these functions get permanently stopped and our body becomes a disease breeding centre. And in due course of time, we start naming it as incurable diseases. NOTE: A Japanese scientist named Emotto has proved that molecular structure of water is affected by our emotions, words and reaction. Our ancestors applied positive thoughts and emotions to the water and used it to cure many incurable diseases. This was a common practice followed by them. Normally the surface tension of water is 73 dynes/cm2 . By their focused thoughts, they were able to convert it to 48 dynes/cm2 and thereby were able to cure diseases. Modern scientists have proved that positive thinking, relaxing and attaining normal state of mind, the surface tension of water decreases. When someone suffered from incurable diseases in olden days, our ancestors filled a small container with water and they mindfully, mercifully, through highest thought focus, transferred their emotions in it and cured many diseases.
Mesmer followed a similar technique, but he did not introduce an external substance. He might have realized that by ascendant touch, the fluid’s (blood) characteristic changes, so initially he touched the patients, then later patients touched him for cure. Later on he magnetized a tree and made his patients to touch the tree and get cured, which the history reveals. To further understand this intellectually, scientifically, we have to first understand that the surface tension of fluid (blood) is 73 dynes/cm2 when we are in a normal state of mind. When we are freezed with emotion, the surface tension increases and when we are relaxed, happy, normal and curious, then the surface tension of blood decreases to 48-58 dynes/cm2 . This has been recorded by scientists. We might have commonly seen that, when patients suffering from severe diseases, receive ascendant acupuncture touch, are instantaneously cured.

 Magi Ramalingam
In the life of a person who seeks welfare, the contribution of a doctor plays a major part, this cannot be ignored. But today’s modern medical strategy approaches patients only for money making. The best doctor is one who eliminates fear from patient’s mind, makes him realize the true fact, becomes trustworthy and clears all doubts/panic regarding a disease. But today’s situation is entirely the reverse. They scare everyone saying that in this age, this disease may affect you, we suspect that this type of cough may be TB, intermittent fever can be a symptom of incurable disease. It creates negative effect on the mental determination of a person. By these kind of propaganda which are against the medical ethics, people are scared and rush to these hospitals. If we analyze it we will understand everything. Who has the disease? We have! Then who can feel the disease better than us? Neither the other person, nor any instrument invented by man. You might think, why is it not possible? Instruments show proper diagnostic results, how can you say it’s not correct! O.K. let’s consider that the instruments (machines) show the exact results. Now, you feel excessive hunger, can any machine in this world show that? Now you have tormenting pain in your little finger. Can any scientifically, technologically developed modern instrument diagnose and find it? No it’s impossible. Dr. Fazlur Rahman says, “No instrument has been found that can feel our hunger or pain.” Man’s basic sensations are hunger and pain that haunt him. When an instrument/machine is not capable of finding even these basic sensations, what is the use of them being capable of measuring other values? Until we understand this, only those who own those machines/ instruments are going to be benefitted by it and not us. What we are trying to say here, that you might have already felt. Scientists have said nothing new. Now let’s analyze body with feelings (emotions) and its influence. By keenly observing and understanding by experience, anyone can easily find that modern medicine’s claims/assertions are not true. After a baby is born, when it cries, the mother by her instinct can find that the baby is feeling hungry and she embraces the baby and breast feeds it. After a few months, we might think that only breast milk may not be sufficient for the baby and we feed it with cow’s milk. The baby’s vital force by its instinct, is able to find out that it is some other milk, so it vomits it. Eventhen, due to doctor’s advice, we give digestion tonics that comprises of alcohol and grape juice. It hinders the function of intestines and thereby spoils the natural digestion of the intestines. We fail to realize, how much quantity of food a baby can digest and we overload the drowsy baby’s tummy and put the baby to sleep.
You might think- „o.k., but what’s wrong in it!’ Earlier the baby was sucking, tasting and drinking the breast milk as per its need. Now we have made it habituated to drink milk with chemically bleached white sugar and by giving digestion tonics. You might think- „So what! Anyhow, that’s not going to affect the baby.’ That’s incorrect, ofcourse, it is going to spoil the baby’s body and intestine, that is nature’s law. Other animal’s milk that has gone in excess into the body is considered morbid substance by the intestines. But, this milk wastage cannot be easily eliminated. It sticks between the villi of the intestines, in due course of time, it gets spoiled there. Inorder to clean it, very fine worms are produced in intestines. These worms have not been produced to eat away the intestines or the baby. Then why have they been produced! They have been produced to clean up the morbid substances in the intestines. O.K. then where would these worms go after cleaning? They will search the path to get away from there. That is why we may see the worms coming out of the anus. Medical professionals might say that, water and milk which has not been boiled and filtered and other unclean, unhealthy food causes this problem. Had we ever given unclean and unhealthy food to our babies? No, never. Then how is it possible! We might have seen in our homes that beetles infest rice that are kept unattended, and worms and beetles grow in grocery items like pulses, spices etc. This is nature’s secret manner of cleansing. Similarly, when a rat, bandicoot or a dog dies, in 3-4 days a foul smell is emanated from the carcass and we find worms coming out of the rotten flesh. They feed on the rotten flesh and die after eating the carcass completely. This is a natural phenomenon. The parents of the worms are waste, rotten, decomposing, foul smelling substances. We should understand that worms do not reproduce worms. Now, again lets come back to the example of a baby. We have seen that after the baby starts drinking the cow’s milk or other animal’s milk and further given digestion tonics, it becomes chubby. Lets see if this chubby baby is really healthy and strong because „heftiness is not healthiness.’ Mother’s milk contained the simple fats that could be easily assimilated by the baby’s intestines, it contained nutrients for nourishment and growth. When the baby was drinking only mother’s milk, it was the complete food for it. But additionally when cow’s milk, biochemical combinations (containing chemical compositions meant for baby’s growth, strength etc), chemically bleached sugar and also digestion tonics were given, even when the body refuses to intake it, all these result in accumulations in the cells, which make babies chubby. You might feel- so what? This forcefully fed, improper nutrients, chemical substances would soon get converted into toxic morbid substances. Where will the morbid substances go? It enters into the cells of our body.
Our cells have supreme intelligence as said by our country’s siddha saints. According to the American cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, cells perform nearly 10,000 types of actions, they have supreme natural intelligence. Cells never spoil their biological status. They have the capability to adapt as per the mind’s registrations, perceptions, temperature, environmental stimuli. Now, once again lets come back to the chubby baby. That baby’s cell of course has highest intelligence. Whenever we give it a chance, by increasing the interval between meals, or by giving it sufficient rest, its body expels those unwanted nutrients, morbid substances by means of vomit, diarrhea or fever. We fail to understand that these occur to cure us and instead of allowing this to happen, we seek a doctor and use medicines to cure this. It becomes impossible to get cure. Naturally vomit, fever etc are going to reduce on its own. They get cured on their own after eliminating the morbid substances. Then the body returns to its normal condition. When this elimination process is happening in the body we get vomit, diarrhea, fever, pain etc. But when we take drugs or inject chemical substances (toxins) in our veins, our body cells get confused. They work diligently to eliminate the new toxins (medicine/injection) along with the already present morbid substances (toxins) of our body. The baby’s vital force is unable to fight these powerful chemical toxins, and it gets weakened. So, when temporarily the function of elimination gets stopped, we feel the changes happen in the baby’s body. This is not the symptom of cure but a situation when the vital force has a setback. If at all it is cured then, why does vomit, fever, diarrhea, sugar, cholesterol and similar diseases occur again and again? That is why, padmabhoosan, heart specialist Dr. B.M.Hegde has said, “All diseases have a cure, is the biggest lie of the 21st century. There is no pill for every ill, there is an ill following every pill.” Now, are you able to clearly understand what medicines really do? All types of medicinal systems (using medicine in any form) hinder our body’s natural curing tendency. Drugs perform opposite action against the natural function of our vital force. Drug actually means- a chemical substance that is intended to alter a biochemical process for a particular purpose (biology-online dictionary). You might think that after consuming a drug for fever, our fever disappears and all our physical sufferings disappear. So in order to get rid of our suffering, we require a doctor. Drugs actually do not find the root cause of our sufferings and pain and destroy them. Instead of it, they deactivate our tendency to feel the pain. Thereby our body is unable to take steps to cure the root cause of it. So, temporarily all actions of elimination are stopped. We do not realize this fact, we take this fake feeling as true, but in reality we do not get cured.
Now, lets see what happens after that. In any circumstance, our vital force does not allow any foreign body to enter our body. So, again when the vital force regains its normal strength, once again it tries to eliminate the morbid substances from the body. By internal friction i.e., subatomic spinning, it creates heat and produces fever. Again we use chemicals to suppress it, then our body produces bacteria to clear the morbid substances, we again use anti-bacterial drugs to kill those bacteria. Then, again our body produces other microorganisms (such as virus which have the tendency to change its shape and colour) in our blood to again dispose off the toxins from our body, then, again we use more powerful drugs to destroy them. Finally, only toxins and morbid substances prevail in the body. The disease then proceeds to the next stage. That is why, it’s rightly said, no drug has been found to cure a disease, but drugs only suppress the symptoms. O.K., what happens to the hidden and suppressed diseases? They again reappear in a new form. And each time we fail to recognize it. Repeatedly, we try to suppress it. The disease grows and we lose our strength, health and faith.


Magi Ramalingam
1. Cure is simple, ignorance engenders fear and fear begets disease. 2. Embracing pride instead of joy, begets disease. 3. Happiness is everywhere around but we seek sorrow and worries. 4. Extreme anger, worry, doubtfulness, confusion, superiority and inferiority complex etc develop numerous diseases. It is being said that “All diseases are caused because of psychosomatic disorders.” A pleasant mind is happy, natural, healthy and blissful – then, how does a disease arise? When the pleasant mind shrinks, the sharing quality changes into snatching habit. Man forgets his greatness, behaves like beasts and he snatches others belongings, their hardwork and thereby, his mind dwindles, stiffens, its broadmindedness disappears and begets diseases. We normally say “you have a kind heart, nothing wrong will happen to you.” Our ancestors said that our thoughts become words, words become deeds, and deeds become habits and experience. The great poet Bharatiyar said “ Let only goodness be thought of; Let my heart be strong, And my mind be clear.” Todays psychological experts emphasis the same asking their patients to feel, mentally visualize and register in their subconscious that “I am healthy, strong, energetic and enthusiastic”, instead of saying, “I should get rid of diseases.” Because in their experience, they have seen many successful cases when this thought has been transformed into words, words into deeds and then into reality. We might have heard of the following quotes: “A single tree cannot make a forest.” “Unity is strength and success.” “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
Yes, it’s true. A single man cannot fulfill all his needs individually without society’s help, he cannot achieve anything. But, we forget the society and remain cutoff from it. So, the circle (mutual interdependence) remains incomplete or diminishes. Trouble starts to increase. There is a Tamil saying:- “If you feed other’s children, your child would grow up on its own.” When we have social consciousness, broad mindedness and broad thinking, without – fear, sin, worry, anger, pride, longingness etc. in such a state (situation), there is no place for disease. The most powerful country in the world – America, which exploits all the other countries of the world, has the highest number of diseased people. Its population is little more than the population of Tamilnadu, there, in every 34 seconds, one person dies of heart attack i.e., 2300 people die per day due to heart problems. Heart stops functioning not only because it is damaged, but there is another reason too behind it. Heart is an organ related to maternal feel (love). It distributes required amount of nutrients via blood, to all internal and external organs. Why does it seize functioning? In both internal as well as external organs, when there are lot of negative registrations, distress, lack of rational thinking and organ malfunction. The heart decides to seize functioning as it thinks - what is the use in me for functioning? That is cardiac arrest. If we think it intellectually, man’s stress- compresses his internal organs, it stops its function. That is why, America stands first in consuming sleeping pills where more than consuming sleeping pills where more than 45% of its population consumes sleeping pills for insomnia. This is as per the
NEWS BULLETIN | 4/8/2017
authentic report of the CDC. In those days, qualities like compassion, sympathy, sharing, nonviolence, love etc were considered as wealth of our country. Our ancestors were not affected by a variety of diseases those days. As per the American cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, our body is made up of 50 trillion cells which live in harmony, helping each other, have close coordination, they love each other and care for each other. Their qualities are reflected in a complete human. These qualities are felt in heart and mind. But now we consume toxic food, gulp lot of chemicals thinking that we are health conscious and also consume drugs. These make our body cells drowsy, desensitize them and cut their inter-connectivity. So, the disease progresses from common cold to SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and at last ends in cancer. Chemicals only do the task of disintegrating and impairing cell connection.
Dr. Bruce Lipton says that no drug is capable of connecting the cells. It can only be done with food, our emotions and faith. Mental disturbances, faithlessness, disappointment, deceiving, exploitation, all these emotions and qualities create confusion among 50 trillion cells and thereby lead to autoimmune diseases (a condition when the immune system attacks its own tissues) like SLE, AIDS etc. He says that your belief is your life- “Biology of belief” and says that it is the essence of Eastern countries. In fact, our spiritual guide Vivekananda said, “Whatever you think that you will be.” We have forgotten our strength, superior faith, our sympathy, love, health. Some instruments were invented by foreigners for grabbing money from us, we believe and run after them to find whether we have diabetes, blood pressure, T.B, SLE, AIDS or cancer. Gandhiji’s verses: Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow-men. Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well. The main purpose of life is to live rightly, think rightly, act rightly, the soul must languish when we give all our thought to the body


Magi Ramalingam
 “Our life is moulded as per our thoughts.” Yes, our mind has the utmost power to shape our lives. As we start to bless and praise our mind, as a result it is quite natural that our body and life, which are guided by our mind, get flourished. Our ancestors said that, we should fully indulge our mind in whatever work we do, then certainly we will achieve success. We have heard them say that, “do everything with full involvement.” That is when wholeheartedly any work is done, we get results, and we also get mental satisfaction, all of us might have experienced this. Sometimes we are fully determined to accomplish a task, but often we may not be successful in completing the task. But, when the same task is accomplished by someone who is very close to us or is our well wisher, many of us feel delighted. That is, “I thought of completing the task, but when you have completed it, my heart feels happy/ I get contented.” That is, a service or a task, which would help the society, even if we are not able to complete and others complete it, we feel extremely happy. Happiness means bodily delight, that provides us power and a state of maturity. Some tasks or actions, after it gets completed, the person who visualized it may say, “ It is very satisfying. Whenever I think of it, I shall feel very happy.” It means that even if we accomplish good things or our well wishers accomplish it, its quite natural that it gives us a pleasant feeling. That is the strength of mind. We might have realized that it produces bodily changes. During festival times, our mind is delighted, so we do not feel tiredness. Even if we are weak during that time, we do not feel it. When we are in-good-spirits, we do not feel tiredness. Even if we are weak during that time, we do not feel it. Due to mental happiness, all cells act as necessary connective junctions. This means that some matters which are realized (recognized) by our mind/brain takes time to come to practice. But those which are felt or realized by our heart, is readily being accepted by us. We might have often heard people say that, “whatever I had felt in my heart, in readily accepted it.” We should know that these things have instantly been put into practice by us. Scientists have proved that the signals/suggestions arisen from heart are 1000 times faster than the signals/suggestions arising from brain. The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. The magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 100 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain.
In the same mind, when we receive unnecessary signals, both mind and body will immediately reflect it. That is when something happens against our expectation then, the heart becomes withered and the body loses its enthusiasm. „ The mind is the cause of whatever disease that occur in humans.’ That is, once strength diminishes, disease appears. If mind gets worried, will we get disease? Worry should go off with mind, how can it affect our body? Its hard for us to agree this. Suppose if a person comes and asks us, “why are you looking lethargic and dull?”, and then after sometime another person comes and asks, “ Are you feeling ill” and when someone else too repeats it, then really we might feel tired and we get ready to become ill! Why does this happen? Is it true? Of course, it is 100% true. That is why, today’s medical science has proved that- „All diseases generate and disappear in our mind’ According to Calvert medical research, for severe pain caused during cancer, when pain-killers comprising Bethalin, opium, heroin etc were given and patients were told that it cannot eliminate pain, but can cure the disease, then it was found that the pain still persisted. Similarly, when saline water was given to the person saying that it contained heroin, and would immediately relieve the pain, then it was recorded that it did bring the pain under control. During a heart surgery performed to 600 patients, actually surgery was performed only on 300 patients. Rest of the 300 patients were given anesthesia and a sham operation was performed in which a chest incision was made but no further surgery was performed, of the patients on whom the real surgery was performed, many suffered from drug side-effect, many suffered from multi-organ dysfunction, number of deaths were reported to be high. But all patients on whom sham surgery was performed, a 100% recovery was reported by medical researchers. These experiments proved beyond doubt that mind controls the body. Now, we may feel that there is no need of drugs in this world and that only physicians are sufficient. Yes, that’s true! Earlier when drugs were not used, new diseases did not emerge, side effects and deaths due to that did not happen.
While being threatened (in anxious state), our body cells shrink, get vibrations and functional changes occur. AS a result of this, the elimination of waste substances (morbid) of our body and mind get stagnated either temporarily or permanently in our body. That is, whenever we are in the grip of fear, we have excess sweating or urination which we might have realized. But when frequently we are terrified, raged, furious, vengeant, then the morbid elimination function of our body gets obstructed. That is, we stop feeling hunger and thirst. The eliminating sensation of sweat, phlegm, urine, stool, tear etc. is not felt. The skin shrinks (tightens). This is the beginning stage of disease  (pathogenesis). When this mental state (emotion) is experienced again and again, the disease develops internally. If we realize this fact, our natural instinct of disease identification gets activated. As long as the morbid gets accumulated, the disease grows inside though it is not felt externally. The conventional medicine uses diagnostic tools to detect disease by doing blood test, taking x-ray etc, but they are able to detect disease only after it has become physically manifested. They are unable to detect it in the initial stage. That is why, it is said, there is no other way than to cut off the limb/organ. „ we shall live a flourishing life!’


Magi Ramalingam
Body and mind are directly and indirectly linked, mutually dependant, mutually connected and mutually accordant. This coordination between body and mind is health. Mind has the capability to change body and vice-versa. When the body gets fever, our mind might say- will I die of fever? On the other hand the intelligent mind will realize and say- „no, no! I am going to get detoxified and rejuvenated, all my existing diseases are going to disappear, I am going to get a beautiful, healthy body and thereby healthy mind!’ Strength gives mental clarity! Mental clarity gives the body vigour. A healthy body has peaceful mental state. A mind without anxiety gives body, the strength. The relationship between mind and body should by like the relationship between a husband and a wife, like a flower and its smell. Those who are kindhearted and well-mannered, always get success, contentedness and peace in their lives. They shower love and care on their near and dear ones. They are adjustable, embracing, liberal or tolerant towards other’s mistakes and guide others patiently so that mistakes are not repeated in future. This is the kind of approach of the kind-hearted and well-mannered persons. That is why, we say, there is nothing that cannot be achieved by love. „Love is God.’ „Those who do not have fear in their minds, are equal to God.’ In the search of health, we neglect love and forget God. We doubt in our body and soul’s function and surrender it to those who have learnt only from assumptions. We allow them to conduct all sorts of tests, by allowing radiations and using chemical substances (medicines), we deplete and impair or bio-magnetic field. We disturb the body-mind connection and allow disease to spread in our body and mind. Nowadays we even disconnect the connectivity of mind and body. Wife doubting a husband and a husband doubting a wife is a worse thing. But the worst is to doubt our body and our life force and perform labtests. Love and God - have limitless power of creativity. There is no such person who does not surrender to love – even body and mind too can be controlled by love. There is no boundary for love. It is limitless and uncontrolled.
A place filled with love – Is a place filled with motherhood. Is a place filled with Godliness. Love is capable of creating everything and eliminating undesired things. ‘Love is power. Love is wellness.’